About Us

Our Story

Our love of baking goes back many generations! Our personal recipe collections are filled with favorite family recipes from our mom, dad, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts, and cousins.

Growing up with roots in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee, we were never short on goodies and treats at family gatherings. So it wasn’t a surprise when we stumbled upon a chocolate chip cookie recipe that we loved. We modified it a bit, made some changes here and there and made it our own. It’s been our “go to” recipe for everything from baby showers, teacher gifts, and work functions to birthday parties, Christmas gifts, and meetings. It’s been requested time and time again so we thought it must be pretty special.

Because of the encouragement and support of friends, family and coworkers we’ve decided to “share” our cookies, so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy them too.

To honor the quality of our family recipes, we make sure to bake our cookies fresh daily from scratch using only the finest ingredients with absolutely no preservatives added. The quality of our cookies provide our customers with fresh, thick, soft cookies that give them a truly sweet experience.

Owners - Ashley Randall & Melissa Bennett